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    What was the pension increase for 2022?

  • The pensions increase for 2022 is 3.1%

    The pensions increase for 2021 is 0.5%

    The pensions increase for 2020 is 1.7%

    The pension increase for 2019 was 2.4%.

    The pensions increase for 2018 was 3.0%.

    The pension increase for 2017 was 1%.

    There was no increase to pensions in April 2016, as the Consumer Prices Index for the 12 months to September 2015 fell by 0.1%. LGPS pensions did not go down from April 2016 despite the UK being in deflation.

    The previous six pension increases were: Apr-15 1.2%; Apr-14 2.7%; Apr-13 2.2%; Apr-12 5.2%; Apr-11 3.1%; and Apr-10 0%.

  • How does Freedom and Choice in pensions affect LGPS members?

  • Reforms offering greater flexibility, 'Freedom and Choice', in the way that individuals aged 55 and over can access their defined contribution (DC) pensions became effective on 6 April 2015.

    As the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a public sector defined benefit (DB) scheme, 'Freedom and Choice' does not apply to it.

    However, before retiring, members do have the right to transfer their pension rights out of the LGPS to a DC arrangement offering 'flexible benefits'.

    As a transfer out of the LGPS is a major financial decision requiring careful consideration and can only be done after taking advice, we suggest that any members contemplating this course of action first read our Freedom and Choice Q & A for LGPS members.

  • When can I retire?

  • From state pension age (You can check your SPA here) you can retire and receive your benefits with no reductions. 

    You can take your benefits from age 55.

    Your benefits for membership after 31 March 2015 have a normal pension age of your State Pension age.

    If you take your benefits before normal pension age, some or all of your benefits will be reduced.

    If you meet the Rule of 85 and are over 60 when you retire, reductions will not apply to benefits that have Rule of 85 protection. You can check The Rule of 85

    If you are interested in flexible retirement, you will need to obtain your employer's permission.

  • What were the April 2016 changes to state pension, contracting out and NI?