The agenda, reports and minutes of today's meeting of the Strathclyde Pension Fund Committee are now available.





The committee:

  •   noted results of an initial assessment of energy companies in SPF portfolios, together with the first draft of a framework for selective disinvestment;
  •   approved an investment of £30m into the Foresight Regional Investment Fund, Scotland
  •   approved a revised rebalancing strategy and relative value framework; and
  •   noted updates on investment performance, administration finance and risk.

The Fund's investment return for the year to 30th June 2021 was +19.5%.

Fund value as at 30th June was £27.5 billion.

The annual audit report and the audited accounts for the year to 31st March 2021 will now be considered at the committee's next meeting in November.

Richard Mcindoe


Strathclyde Pension Fund