LGPS pensions are inflation proofed.

Your pension cannot go down.

You will get an increase in pension every April if prices have increased.

The pension increase for 2019 will be 2.4%.

The pensions increase for 2018 was 3%.

The pension increase for 2017 was 1%.

Your April 2017 payment will only reflect about 2/3 of the increase, as it takes effect from Monday 10 April 2017, not from 1 April 2017. Your May payment will reflect the increase in full.

There was no pension increase in 2016 as the Consumer Prices Index for the year to Sep 15 was negative. 

The previous few years' increases were:

Apr 15 1.2%

Apr 14 2.7%

Apr 13 2.2%

Apr 12 5.2%

Apr 11 3.1%