Paying us employee and employer contributions

You must remit contributions to us monthly by the 19th of the month following deduction.

Technical Bulletin 38 tells you how to do this.

Monthly payments must be accompanied by our proforma detailing the employee, employer and (if applicable) added years / ARCs / APCs / 50:50 contributions for the period.

Contribution remittance documents should be sent to

Employee contribution rates

Employers are responsible for setting a contribution rate for each employee in line with the guidance on setting tiered contributions

Please also see the folowing:

2021-22 Contribution Table (excel)

LGPS 2021-22 Contribution Rates Circular

Guidance for Previous years can be found Here

Contribution rates for earlier years are available from Earlier LGPS regulations / statutory guidance and circulars

Employer contribution rates

Employer contribution rates are set by the actuary and are available from our actuarial valuation reports.