Our Excel spreadsheets cannot be used with all of our processes. For processes where this is the case, please use the appropriate form below. 

Forms for use by members are available from the Publications > Members > Forms area of our website.

Our Guide to Assumed Pensionable Pay includes examples on how to complete this area of our forms.

Forms should be sent to spfo@glasgow.gov.uk (or spfo@glasgow.gcsx.gov.uk). Please bear in mind that you can set a "read receipt" to see if we have received your email, and allow us time to deal with your email

     Note: Please use the Subjects: as detailed in Mar 18's PIP and limit attachments to 10 per email.

50/50 26 Mar 15 moving between 50/50 and the main LGPS 2015

S4 May 15 Authorised leave of absence
S4 May 15 Maternity / adoption leave
S5 / S10 17/18 Aug 17 Retirement: member retiring at 65 or later
S8 17/18 Feb 16 Notification of death
S9 17/18 Aug 17 Retirement: ill-health retirement (needs an S18, below, with it)
S18 Mar 15 Certificate of permanent ill-health (needs an S9, above, with it)
S5 / S10 17/18 Aug 17 Retirement: early or flexible retirement
Leaver Feb 18 Member opting out OR leaving without a pension OR being dismissed
S11a 17/18 Nov 17 Member changing employment without a break in service of 1 month or more
S12 17/18 Aug 17 Retirement: redundancy or efficiency retirement
S20 Mar 15 Certificate of protection (pensionable pay restrictions / reductions)

Absence Dec 15 Form to advise us when a non-sickness absence has finished

Events application Form to request SPFO support at an employer event

HMRC Sep 10 this form is used to supply HMRC with the information they need to be told when someone is retiring

Request for retirement calculations Jan 18  Supplementary S20 information Mar 15

Supplementary retirement form for changes in pay 17/18 Feb 16 Update SPFO on retiring member's pay NOTE:the Post pay award revised figures Jan 16 spreadsheet can be used to bulk notify us of recalculations of pension benefits that you require as a result of paying backdated pay awards
TCOMP May 11 Form for payment of teachers pensions

Variable hours form Nov 10

Councillors forms

Supplementary pay form for Councillors 17/18 Feb 16 for use with one of our other forms when a Councillor leaves, retires or dies