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Transferring your benefits

Take care of your deferred benefits

Beware of fraudsters

pensionsmart Don't let your benefits become prey to fraudsters.

Fraudsters are singling out people like you and claiming that they can help you cash in your pension early or provide you with a pensions review.

What they don't say is that you could face a significant tax bill.

If you are cold-called or text messaged with a deal to unlock or review your pension, don't touch it.

Hold on to your benefits

Burns note Even if you are contacted by a legitimate pensions company about taking more of your benefits as a lump sum, don't give up your benefits lightly.

You can take tax-free cash from the LGPS.

You would be giving up an index-linked pension for life.

And LGPS pensions continue to spouses / qualifying partners on your death.

When it's right for you

atlantic quay bridge If you feel that it is right for you to transfer your benefits, please provide us with your instructions using the appropriate form:

If you want to transfer your benefits to an overseas scheme, you must emigrate permanently. More information about this and the 25% tax levied on transfers to QROPS is available from HMRC.