To tell us about a change please use the appropriate form / Excel below.

Word Docs should be sent to: (or Please bear in mind that you can set a "read receipt" to see if we have received your email, and allow us time to deal with your email

Joining / leaving the 50/50 section


Note: please use 50/50 application form as your email's Subject:

Changes in pay

We do not need to be told about changes in pay unless the employee's pay is being restricted and the old pay is to be protected (so that the employee's pension is not adversely affected) using a certificate of protection, S20.


Note (1): please use S20 form as your email's Subject:

Note (2): Appendix 2 of the HR Guide in LGPS Guidance for Payroll / HR practitioners explains how certificates of protection work.

Changes in hours, name, address or department or UPIN

Change in hours or name or address or department  

Note: Excel spreadsheets should be sent to (or and use the email Subject: Change in hours