For service after 31 March 2015, you earn a pension based on your pay during that time. Your pension is revalued each year until you retire to reflect changes in the Consumer Prices Index. 

The LGPS was a final salary pension scheme for benefits earned up to 31 March 2015. This means the payment you get for those years is based on your final year's pensionable pay and total membership.

Your final year's pensionable pay is increased for inflation up to your retirement. The previous year's rise in inflation from 30 September to 30 September is used to calculate the increase you get.

For service up to 31 March 2009, your annual pension payment is worked out by dividing your final pay by 80 (by 60 for service after 31 March 2009) and multiplying this by your total membership.

To work out your lump sum for service up to 31 March 2009, divide your final salary by 80, multiply this by your total membership, and then multiply the final figure by 3.