There are two different ways your service counts within the LGPS:

Your service counts in the calculation of your benefits in the scheme.

Your service in the scheme counts towards entitling you to a benefit in the scheme.

Although these statements may seem similar, both periods of service can be different. For example if a member works part-time, lets say 17.5 hours instead of 35 hours, the service for calculating benefits would be half its actual length, i.e. 3 years service would only count as 1.5 years.

Having less than 2 years service the member would not normally be entitled to a retirement benefit, however, although the reduced service of 1.5 years is used to calculate the members benefits, the full length service of 3 years is used in deciding the member's entitlement to benefit.

For working out the amount of pension linked to your final pay that you'll get, your total membership includes:

• The number of years and days you are a member - if you're part time, this is scaled down to the full time equivalent. For example, if you work exactly half time, every year worked counts for 6 months' membership.
• The number of years and days bought by transferring in a previous employer's pension plan, a personal pension plan, or a stakeholder pension scheme.
• Any additional years you've opted to buy or which have been granted to you by your employer.
• Any additional years from converting additional voluntary contributions to membership, available only to members who took out AVC contracts prior to 30/06/2005.
• Any membership given because of ill health enhancement.
• Any membership you're already receiving a pension from, or in an earlier deferred pension, will not be counted.
• If you were over 45 when you joined (or the last time you joined if you have any deferred membership), and you bought extra membership before 1 December 2006, that extra membership won't count towards lump sum calculations. It will instead be used in your annual payment calculation, but rather than dividing this membership by 80, it will be divided by 60.