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Jargon buster

  • Death grant

    An amount paid to a current or former member's estate or nominated beneficiary(ies) in the event of death in service (equal to three times annual pensionable pay), death after retirement (see next paragraph) or death of a deferred beneficiary (a multiple of the deferred pension plus pension increases).

    Our lump sum payable on death in retirement chart provides more information on the death grant that may be paid.

  • Deferred member

    A former member of the LGPS who has left the LGPS, but still has benefits in the LGPS and will collect a pension from the LGPS on retirement.
  • Defined benefit scheme

    A scheme where the benefits payable are defined by regulation and are not dependent upon contributions paid or on how well those contributions are invested.
  • Discretion

    Your employer and we have the power to choose how to apply certain aspects of your pension.

    How your employer deals with discretionary parts of your pension will be set out in their policy statement.