You can contact us (please contact your employer in the first instance about anything related to your pay or employment details and provide your National Insurance No) by any of the following methods:

By email: (please quote your N.I. number, bear in mind that you can set a "read receipt" to see if we have received your email, and allow us time to deal with your email)

     Note: We automatically acknowledge incoming emails unless you are sending an email from a government gcsx address.

     Note: If you are an employer, please use the Subjects: as detailed in July 2017's PIP and limit attachments to 10 per email.

     Note: Excel spreadsheets should be sent to except that:

     Note: employer contribution remittance documents should be sent to

In writing (this is not our actual location): Strathclyde Pension Fund Office, P. O. Box 27001, Glasgow G2 9EW

By phone:

0345 890 8999

If you are deaf, we can call you or you can call us using an online interpreting service.

By fax:

0141 287 7393

By appointment (our actual location is not the same as our PO Box address): we are happy to see visitors who have made a prior appointment to see us. Our office is in Glasgow city centre. 


If you are unhappy with something, we would suggest that you first raise your concern with us.

If you remain unhappy with the service we have provided, you can make a formal complaint via Glasgow City Council's Customer Care team.

If you disagree with a decision we have made, and we have not been unable to resolve this, you can appeal against the decision using our IDRP form.

Before contacting us, please make sure you have read and understood our privacy policy.