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Ill health retirements are covered in their own section.

The process

Step 1 Consider the retirement options for your employee

gourock At the outset you should check the eligibility of your employee by:

  • ensuring your organisation's policy statement allows the retirement
  • confirming that the LGPS regulations permit the retirement

When you meet with your employee:

  • ask if they are working in any other local government jobs
  • discuss their retirement options (redundancy / efficiency, early retirement, flexible retirement, etc)
  • agree a retirement date (this should be at least 3 months away to allow us time to process the retirement)

Compensatory added years (CAY) / awarding additional pension

If you are proposing to offer CAY, please read our CAY factsheet.

If you want to award additional pension of up to £5,000 use the APC calculator to generate the forms. Augmentation is no longer available.

Step 2 Ask us for retirement calculations

kelvingrove Once you have decided on the type of retirement provide us with:

Word Docs should be emailed to (or using Estimate of Benefits as the Subject:

If you are planning on requesting retirement calcs for 20 or more employees with the same retirement date, please contact one of our Liaison Officers rather than submitting separate request for retirement calculations forms.

Step 3 Pass our calculations to your employee

people in high corridor If you are having a discussion with your employee about their retirement figures, you can use these pdfs to explain our calculations:

If your employee is paying AVCs, you may also like to make them aware that:

  • we will need to wait on the closing value of their AVC before we can process their benefits
  • if their last AVC payment will be after their retirement date, the closing value of their AVC will not be known until after their last AVC payment has reached their AVC provider
Step 4 Provide us with the appropriate retirement forms

People entering building by tree euston sq If you want us to process a retirement for an employee, provide us with:

Please check the parts completed by the member. For example, are the account details in the name of the member or a joint account which bears their name?

Forms should be emailed to (or using the Subject: Actual Retirement. Excel spreadsheets should be sent to (or

For Councillors we also need:

Supplementary pay form for Councillors 

Processing the retirement

church and statue Once we have received your forms we:

  • confirm their safe receipt to your employee
  • advise your employee that final figures are on their way
  • explain that we need the closing value of any AVC to provide their final figures.

When we provide the employee's final figures, we advise the employee that any CAY lump sum will be paid to them by their employer.

We will also advise you (using the e-mail address supplied on the S12) of the exact amounts of any CAY.

Once everything is in order, if there is no AVC we will

  • pay out the retirement grant (the LGPS tax free lump sum) on the member's first day of retirement
  • pay the first payment of pension on the next 15th of the month provided that the cut off date for that month's pension payment run has been met
Step 5 Make payment arrangements

castle by boat You need to:

  • Pay any CAY lump sum to your employee
  • Arrange monthly pre-payment of any CAY pensions
  • Pay any strain costs shown on our invoice