Technical Bulletin No 42 details our leaver / opt out processes.

Before telling us about an opt out within 3 months using our Opt out Excel spreadsheet or a leaver using our Leaver form, you should ensure your employee has read our For your future leaflet.

What you need to do depends on how soon after joining your employee opts out:  

Members opting out of the LGPS within 3 months of joining the LGPS

Use Opt out to tell us about these employees.

Note: Excel spreadsheets should be sent to (or using Opt out as the email's Subject:

Members leaving the LGPS MORE than 3 months after joining the LGPS

Use our Leaver form

Leaver form Word Docs should be emailed to: (or using the Subject: Leaver Form / Leaver Forms (### attached) and have a max of 10 attachments.

If you need to update us on the leaver's pay, use Post pay award revised figures. Note: Excel spreadsheets should be sent to (or