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LGPS members can access their pension record(s) online through SPFOnline.

We look after 94,000 active members of the LGPS.

We look after 74,000 pensioner members of the LGPS.

We look after 53,000 deferred members of the LGPS.

National Fraud Initiative (NFI)

NFI is a counter-fraud exercise led by Audit Scotland.

It collects information about individuals held by different public bodies on their different computer systems.

NFI seeks to identify incorrect payments of social security benefits, housing benefits or pensions.

As we have a statutory obligation to participate in NFI, we will share your data with other public bodies.

A fair processing notice that provides further information on data matching is on Glasgow City Council's website.

That site also provides a link to Audit Scotland's website that contains further information.


We are responsible for paying 10,000 "compensation" pensions to teachers.

Teachers pensions are paid by the SPPA.